My Pornstar Diary
Business Lunch
2017-11-12 13:12:49

NEW Update for all members! Sara has been having a really stressful day at the office and needs to relax a little bit! Sara slips out of her jacket to get a bit more comfortable. She then grabs a toy out of her desk, she keeps it there for the really stressful days. Make sure to see Sara Jay live at her weekly live members show!

Sara Jay's First Boober Ride!
2017-09-01 14:53:22

BRAND NEW HD video update for all members! Sara is leaving a party and heading home she pulls out her phone and opens the Boober app! Her drive Shaundam shows up right on time and Sara thinks he is very sexy! Sara tells Shaundam to come upstairs to fuck her for a full 5 star review! Sara Jay takes on Shaundam's big dick till he cums all over her pink pussy! Shaundam really earned those 5-star this trip! See Sara Jay live weekly at her free members show!

After Workout Shower
2017-08-31 09:15:05

BRAND NEW members update, Sara went hard at the gym today and built up a good sweat. Sara barely made it to the shower, stripping off all her sweaty gear Sara is ready to get wet and clean just for her members! Watch as she lathers up and fucks her tight pussy with her dildo till she cums! Check out the pictures now available in the members area! See Sara Jay live at her free weekly members show!

BOOBER Pool Pick Up 3some with Lauren & Shaundam
2017-07-17 18:44:12

BRAND NEW BOOBER Update! Shaundam is hitting the streets again looking for his next BOOBER pick up! He gets a double pick up with a BOOBER pool request, first he picks up sexy red head Lauren Phillips then quickly getting a request to pick up a familiar driver, Sara Jay. Sara reminds Shaundam of the fun time they had together the last time she got a special ride! Sara convinces Lauren to part take into a good time and for them all to go to her drop off! Shaundam and Sara follow Lauren to her apartment, things heat up quickly and the clothes start to come off. There is so much boob action it deserves a five star rating in the BOOBER up! Make sure to check out access included with your membership! See Sara Jay live every week free for all her members!

Shorty Mac Fucks Sara & Raquel For a Better Grade!
2017-07-03 09:33:15

BRAND NEW HD video update for all members, Shorty has been having issues passing his GED test. Miss Raquel calls Shorty in to speak about his grades, Raquel decides to let Shorty take an "oral" test. While Shorty was under Raquel's dress, Sara Jay walks in and finds Shorty's big cock is bulging through his pants! Sara decides that her and Raquel should team up to help Shorty get his GED.Each of these curvy babes take turns sucking, fucking, and smothering Shorty with their big tits and ass! Check out the pictures from this set now available in the members area! See Sara Jay live every week at her FREE live members only show!

Cristi Ann Gets Hypnotized by Dr. Jay
2017-05-12 00:12:08

BRAND NEW Video update for all members, Cristi Ann is having trouble relaxing and is coming to Dr. Sara Jay to help her relax with some hypnotism. Dr. Sara helps put Cristi under her spell with the swaying of her big tits, until Cristi is in a deep trance. Now it is time for Sara to help Cristi Ann relax and cum using her hitachi, Sara implants a special phrase that will make Cristi orgasm every time she hears it. Sara make Cristi come and snaps her out of the trance and as a test, Sara tries her special phrase and make Cristi Ann moan on her way out! Make sure to check out the photos available now in the members area, also see Sara Jay live weekly at her free members show!

Sara Jay Fucks Big Dildo as Ms Parker
2017-04-29 01:54:30

BRAND NEW for all members, remember the scene in the movie "Friday" when the thick neighbor woman would be outside flaunting her curves for all to see, Ms. Parker. Wouldn't you love to stare at her big tits out your window all day? Well here is the next best thing, Sara Jay takes on the role as Ms. Parker and has been noticing you and your friends staring at her. She wants to put on a show for you boys, she pulls out her big dildo and fucks her tight pussy with her big ass bent over for all of you to see. Check Sara Jay at her next live members show, access included with you membership!

More then a Sin with Ashley Sin
2017-04-14 01:02:35

BRAND NEW video of Mistress Sara Jay having a new sexy sub, Ashley Sin, is to serve her whenever and whatever she desires. Tied up just like Sara left her Ashley is ready to bow down to Sara. Mistress Sara gives Ashley a few slaps with the whip to make her squeel while be gagged. Now it is time to shut up Ashley, Sara shoves Ashley's face right into her pussy to shut her up! See the hot pictures available now in the members area. Sara Jay is live weekly for a free live members show!

Splash Zone
2017-04-08 02:29:03

BRAND NEW video for all members! You have now entered the splash zone, please put on your safety googles and open your mouth! Sara just got a new clear chair keystonegate and thought it would be cool to ride her dildo and squirt all over it to you give you a POV of what it is like to be squirted on by Sara Jay! Can you handle it??? Don't drunk too much! Check out the pictures available now in the members area! See Sara Jay live weekly at her free live members show!

2 big butts Sara & Kelsi!
2017-03-24 19:07:41

BRAND NEW HD video, Sara Jay was looking to sell some old lingerie and placed an ad online! Kelsi came over to check out what Sara Jay was selling, Kelsi finds more in Sara's box like her personal glass dildos. Kelsi is more interested in the dildo then the clothes and lets Sara fuck her pussy with her glass toys! See these two booties only on! Make sure to check out Sara Jay at her next live free members show!

I Miss YOU So Bad!
2017-03-10 17:24:55

Sara Jay is missing her man so much, she wants to send him a special video just to show him how much she misses me. Sara is wearing a sexy bra and panty set that quickly come off to show her huge tits and big ass! Sara has one of her big dildos with her to show him exactly what she would do to his big cock! Make sure to see Sara Jay at next live members show, free for all VNA members!